Commissioning and Spares

Spare Parts and Field Services are important to keep your plant safe and operational.
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Distribution Products, Parts and Components

  • Control valves including ball valves,butterfly valves, gate valves, and globe valves
  • Instrumentation Tube Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Manifolds and Root Valves
  • Level Gages, Instruments, and Switchesincludingsite level gages, ultrasonic, capacitance, float type, and guided wave
  • Flow Meters andSwitches including magnetic flow meters, Coriolis meters, ultrasonic, thermal mass, and many more
  • Temperature Sensors and Transmittersincluding thermowells, thermocouples, RTD’s, and Bimetal thermometers
  • Pressure Gauges and Transmittersfor ranges from vacuum to 30,000 PSIG. Diaphragm seals also available.
  • Accelerometers / vibration sensorsto monitor the health of your equipment
  • Acoustic monitoring and control sensorsfor health and environmental monitoring
Sagacity has many components available for immediate delivery, and can also source your hard to find replacement parts. We won’t just sell you a part, we can help install it. We have service technicians available to help in every area of your plant. Whether we provided the part or the system, our technicians are ready and available to help you get your facility up and running smoothly and safely. Let us know how we can help.
SAFE will do as much or as little as you need us to do as a valued design, fabrication, or MRO parts resource. Sagacity's mission is to help clients bring their ideas and concepts into reality in a cost-effective manner with a focus on sustainability, safety, and longevity.



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