What Are Thermowells and When Should You Use One?

As temperature sensors are typically not designed to be exposed directly to process conditions or media, how do you install them so they can do their job? The answer is a thermowell. Thermowells are a piping component that allows process piping integrity to be maintained while providing a protective sheath around and connection for a temperature sensor. Thermowells also allows …

Common temperature sensors known as Thermocouples and RTDs?

What Are Thermocouples and RTDs? Thermocouples and RTDs are the most common types of temperature sensors used in commercial and industrial applications. The following dialog provides an overview of these sensors with some basic knowledge to get you started in choosing the correct sensor for your application. What Are Thermocouples and RTDs? How do you make the choice between using …

What Is a Needle Valve and How Does It Work?

A needle valve is a specialized valve typically used in instrument installation applications in the process industries. Needle valves allow for the slow and partial opening of the valve which is desirable in that it does not “shock” the instrument in which it is installed. Needle valves can also be used to regulate flow and pressure given their construction. Let’s …

What Is a Pressure Gauge and When Do You Need One?

In some occurrences, knowing the force of pressure is important to the function of whatever process is in need of this quantification. For most people, pressure starts and ends as a headache. However, that’s not really what pressure is or means. In this article, we will cover how pressure is determined in fluids, what a pressure gauge is and its …

3rd Annual Pipeline Cajun Cookoff & Table Top Show

The ISA Houston Section continues to raise scholarship monies with this important event. Come enjoy some great Cajun foods, free beverages, and sample some of the newest tech in the process controls industry. Enjoy an evening of food & Beverage, zydaco music, door prizes and Cajun themed exhibiting booths.

ISA Brazos Section 40th Annual Instrumentation Trade Show

Thursday, April 23, 2020 from 3:00 – 7:00 pm. The Brazos Section of the ISA has their tabletop trade show for the 40th year. This event showcases many local instrumentation and controls companies, and always have great food and drink

Texas City 42nd Annual ISA Trade Show

March 18th the Texas City ISA tabletop trade show event takes place for the 42nd year! This event showcases many local instrumentation and controls companies, and always have great food and drink.

Warrior Benefit Sporting Clay Shoot

Friday March 20th, 2020. Westside Sporting Grounds Katy, Texas . If you like to bust clays, and you love the men and women who have and do serve our country, then the Warrior Benefit Sporting Clays event March 20th is for you. Great cause, great folks!