The Do’s and Don’t You Dare’s of a Control Panel

You’ve all seen the commercial where the guy says “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two”. Sagacity can relate. We’ve stuck our head into panels that more resemble a rat’s nest than a control panel. We’ve also seen some pretty amazing work as well. Sagacity cannot emphasize enough how important good panel design and assembly is to safety, and an overall lower cost of ownership. Like an excerpt from Twilight Zone “Imagine if you will a man trying to service a panel that looks like a bowl of spaghetti”. Don’t laugh. See the picture. And we are just speaking about best practices in general, but there are also UL listed panels and stringent electrical codes that dictate panel design for a given area. Do you understand those codes? Want to be safe when you open your panel? Don’t want to spend hours tracking down wires? Whether it’s front-end design and manufacture of your control panels, or rework of an existing panel, let us know how we can help! Our team can design and fabricate control panels to any electrical standard foreign or domestic, and can not only meet UL standards, but certify a panel meets that standard. To learn more about Control Panels and Components, contact us at [email protected] or call (844) 514-970.

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